Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Getting the run back!

It is finally coming back and I love it! LOL I did 3.1 at the gym yesterday and it felt soooooo much better than any running has felt in the last couple of weeks. I was seriously starting to wonder if I just wasn't meant to be a runner afterall! So, 3.1 miles, averaging 10:30 minutes per mile...not horrible. I definitely want to get that number down, but would like to see my mileage right around 5 miles comfortably before I really start worrying about speed. I think that will come in time, and if I'm completely off-base, let me know!

As far as other matters go, today is supposed to be an offday from running. I know that my shins and legs would thank me if I gave them the day off, but I am dealing with some pretty decent stress right now that would probably be banged out a lot easier around the track than on the elliptical. Maybe I will try the stairmaster instead...I just need something to lose myself on for a while and something that will kick my butt at the same time.

I am also staying with the yoga pretty strong. I really love it. I did 40 minutes last night after the chickens went to bed and felt so great and relaxed and slept like a rock! I had been planning on getting up early to do it before work, but the kids' sleep has been way off for the past few weeks and I have just been fitting it in where it would fit (normally before I go to bed), but I actually think I really prefer it that way as it is so relaxing.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Truly Running Crazy!

I have been working out daily...no slacking going on here and I really have lots to blog about, just no time to get it all done. Hopefully this weekend will give me a little time to catch up. So for now, just stats from workouts so I don't forget (which is entirely too possible).

Wednesday - Run 2.75 miles - averaging 11-minute miles. This run hurt. It was day 2 of running in a row and I don't think my poor shins are ready for that yet. They are still a bit tender today so I am going to try running on the track and if it just really sucks, I will switch to a machine to finish out the workout.

Thursday -
20 minutes on the rower - averaging 600 cals/hour. This felt really easy to me for some reason...maybe my form is way out of whack or I am just not as weak in those muscles as I thought I was ??? Either way, I liked it. We will see how I feel tomorrow since I seem to have a delayed reaction to soreness.

15 minutes on bike...I think I did like 3 miles or something. I had it on intervals. First time I used one of the pre-programmed setups and it went well.

Yesterday's workout felt great. I left the gym feeling like I was all warmed up and ready to do weights for another hour. Those are the days when I hate that I have to go back to work...heck, what am I talking about...that was the first time I have ever not wanted to crawl out of the gym.

So, today's workout is supposed to be a run. I will do a mile and if I am not crying, keep on for another one or two. If I wuss out, then I think it will be to the elliptical for me.

Have a great Friday! :)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Have you ever noticed how tired running with anger makes you? Yesterday's run was like that. The 3-year-old woke up on the ugly side of the bed and things just never got better...you know those days. Work was driving me up the wall, co-workers were making me crazy, people driving down the road could do nothing right - just THAT kind of a day. I knew I was going to run over my lunch as soon as we left the house and it was just made all that much more certain by the time I got to the office. It was the kind of day if I didn't run, someone may have gotten hurt. really.

So I hit the track at noon and ran my little heart out...which really isn't much these days since the HUGE slackfest that was December and January. But I put in 2.5 miles and was averaging around a 10-minute mile even with the walk breaks here and there. And when I left the track I realized how tired I was. More tired than normal and I got to thinking that it just wears on you to hold all that stress and frustration inside. I knew that I had to run enough so that I was too tired to fight or argue and that's what I did. Who would have known that running could be more numbing than alcohol! LOL

I also think I have come up with a new plan for this year since the Tri that I really wanted to enter is full....like popping at the seams full. I still may jump into another one quick just because I really want to do one, but if I don't, it won't be a total loss. So, my new plan will be coming soon. I need to think a little while more on it and make sure I am in my right mind (which is highly doubtful ;)) and then will be back to reveal it to cyberspace :).

Monday, February 19, 2007

Ramblings from the weekend

So over the weekend I have done a lot of research about triathlons. I definitely want to do it and don't think I am willing to wait until the kids are longer, I would just be wasting time (per the last thread). My only problem now is to figure out how to make it work with training and to find a race to actually enter. The one that I had stumbled upon that really got me thinking about this whole thing is full. From reading the blog on their website, it actually looks like that sucker fills up in about 30 minutes! Wowzers! I have heard that there is a town closer to me that has one, too, so I will do some looking into that one.

My other issue - the bike. I have gone back and forth on this topic about 100 times/ways. I think at least until I get one tri under my belt, I need to just ride whatever bike I can get my hands on that at least will make it 13 miles... I have a feeling after that first race I will be hooked and then can decide how much cash I want to fork out for a bike, but until then, I need to be more conservative with the benjamins ;)

So, this all leads me to the plan I made this weekend and things I think I figured out. Since I only have lunch hours to really do any training out of the house right now, I know that I am going to have to do more at home. I have started doing yoga and LOVE IT! My 7 year old really enjoys it, too, so I want to do at least 3 days of yoga a week and I can do those in the evenings with him. I also need some core help, so I am going to do my core maxx videos at least 2 times a week, preferably 3, and should probably aim to get those done in the mornings so there are not kids in the way while I am crying in pain...LOL This leaves my lunch hours free to take advantage of the gym and outdoors. So, three days a week will be for running (for now) and I am trying to get the guts to sign up for the RPM class at the gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I really don't know if the RPM class will help a lot in terms of tris, but considering I haven't really ridden a bike since Junior High, I figure it is at least a start.

My last problem that I am going to have to figure out is obviously the swim. I can swim laps at the gym, but I don't know how to fit it in with work, etc. If I could just get one day a week in the pool right now I would be happy with it. There is a daycare at the gym, so maybe in the next few weeks I will get brave and try leaving the kids in there for an hour while I try to figure out if I still know how to swim ;)

Anyway, those are my musings so far. Let me know what you think and what things I could either change or add anywhere. I am seriously all ears!

Friday, February 16, 2007


I find it so ironic that at this phase in my life I am more motivated than ever to accomplish some pretty major physical goals. I think I have pretty much talked myself into trying a triathlon this summer (just have to figure out where I am going to steal a bike from :P), but in doing so and trying to figure out my training schedule I have realized just how much time I have wasted over my life.

This past year has really gotten me to value "time" and it has been really difficult for me to watch people (mostly my brother and his ex) cry around about how "busy" they are. If they only knew. I think I finally started respecting “time” last April when I discovered Dave Ramsey and the concept of financial peace. Oh man, how I wished that I had the time to work two, or even three, jobs to get my debt off of my back. Now I am really feeling it again, big time. I have the utmost respect for someone who can get up at 3:30 in the morning to train, and I envy them. I have been playing the math game in my head to figure out how long before Jack will be old enough to leave the house to go for an early morning run….the way I see it, I only have oh, five more years until that can happen. Ugh. And my only other option in that regard is to live with someone and at this point in time, I would prefer hot pokers in my eyeballs.

So, while I can’t begrudge my brother for wasting all that precious time – I did it. I would probably still be doing it if it weren’t for the lack of time that I have now – I still really wish that it was possible for him to share a bit of it with me.

I wish that I had the foresight during college to realize everything that was at my fingertips. Access to a GREAT gym for FREE!!!! And seriously all the time in the world. But the only thing that I did during that time in my life was party, get fat and put myself into debt. It only took 10 years to grow up and decide right all the mistakes that I made back then. So, while I know there is no use looking back or dealing in the past, it sure makes me wonder what the next 10 years have in store for me if I really decide to participate in them!

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Holy Cow!!! I have been trying like mad to get back into this blogger and could not for the life of me remember my login! LOL I have finally been back into the swing of things for the last couple of weeks and am feeling great, have HUGE goals and lots swirling around in my head right now. I have so much to blog about, but it is going to have to wait just a bit longer as it is time for me to call it a night so I can get be an early riser and get in some yoga before the kids wake up for the day. So, now that I can finally get into my blog again, I promise...lots to look forward to!